5th Visual Learning Conference – Budapest, Nov. 14–15, 2014
Venue: Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, Bld. Q, Wing A, 1st floor, Department of Technical Education.



Friday, Nov. 14, 2014

10:00 – 10:20 Opening addresses
Prof. Dr. Gábor PÉCELI, Rector, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Prof. Dr. András BENEDEK, Head, Department of Technical Education
Plenary session      Chair: Zoltán Kövecses
10:30 – 11:05 STOELLGER, Philipp:
Living Images and Images We Live By
Parallel sessions
Section A            Chair: James E. Katz Section B            Chair: Zsuzsanna Kondor
11:10 – 11:45 CRIPPEN, Matthew:
Enhancing Teaching through Film and Other Media
KÜPLEN, Mojca:
Cognitive Importance of Beauty and Ugliness in Light of Kant's Theory
of Aesthetic Ideas
11:45 – 12:20 VANDELANOTTE, Lieven:
Seeing in Bits: Lessons From Visual Art in Rethinking Viewpoint in Discourse
SOC, Andrija:
Image and Imagination: Kantian Paradox of Aesthetic Perception
Lunch break
13:20 – 13:55 DELI, Eszter:
Media Argumentation
A Language Game Played Only with Questions of Life: Wittgenstein and the Parable
13:55 – 14:30 SCHÖTTLER, Tobias:
The Iconic Surplus in Visual Arguments:
Where Limitations and Potentials Coincide
Resemblance, Representation and the Paradox of Rule-following –
Pictures and Objectivity in Wittgenstein's Philosophy
                            The presentation
14:30 – 15:05 MOLNÁR, György – SZŰTS, Zoltán:
Visual Learning – Picture and Discourse in Virtual Worlds
NYÍRI, Kristóf:
Was Wittgenstein a Commmon-Sense Realist?                   ;                    The presentation
15:05 – 15:40 BENEDEK, András:
Parables of Visual Learning
Coffee break and poster presentations
Plenary session      Chair: David Pitt (California State University, Los Angeles / CEU, Budapest)
16:40 – 17:15 BOGHOSSIAN, Paul:
Intuition, Concepts and the Imagination

Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014

Plenary session      Chair: Herbert Hrachovec
10:00 – 10:35 ZILAHY, Péter:
The Blind Man's Bluff or The Limits of Abstraction.
1001 Pictures Is Worth 1001000 Words: The Inflation of Images and the Stories They Tell
Coffee break and poster presentations
Parallel sessions
Section A            Chair: Philipp Stoellger Section B            Chair: Karolina Golinowska
11:35 – 12:10 VESZELSZKI, Ágnes:
A Paradox of Non-Verbal Communication on the Internet:
Emoticons vs. Reaction-Gifs
                                                                    The presentation
SZABÓ, Krisztina:
Digital Literacy: The Effect of Visual Elements
on Reading and Understanding Digital Contents
                                    The presentation
Plenary session      Chair: Petra Aczél
12:20 – 12:55 KÖVECSES, Zoltán:
Metaphor and Parable
Lunch break
Parallel sessions
Section A            Chair: Tobias Schöttler Section B            Chair: Lieven Vandelanotte
13:55 – 14:30 KONDOR, Zsuzsanna:
Do We Have a Visual Mind?
Metaphorical Eternity in Action:
The Nonlinguistic Realization of Death Metaphors in Iranian Culture
14:30 – 15:05 ISSAJEVA, Jelena:
Mental Imagery as a Sign System?                                                          The presentation
Metaphors Matter: The Analysis of Prezi Templates
Regarding Visual-Verbal Metaphors
                                                        The presentation
15:05 – 15:40 KOSKIMAA, Raine – FENYVESI, Kristóf:
A Mission Impossible? Paradox Structures, Impossible Forms and Visual Illusions in Experience-Centered Mathematics Education
NÉMETH, Gabriella:
Paradoxical Representation of Tropes in Visual Rhetoric
15:40 – 16:15 BENEDEK, G. András – LAJOS, Gyuri:
Augmenting Conceptualization by Visual Knowledge Organization
PÁL, Dániel Levente:
Visualizations (Maps) & Visions (Metaphors) of the Internet
Coffee break
Plenary session      Chair: András Benedek
16:35 – 17:10 ACZÉL, Petra:
Ingenious Rhetoric: The Visual Secret of Acumen
17:10 – 17:45 KATZ, James E.:
Are We Entering a World of Perpetual Visual Contact?
Uses, Concerns and Paradoxes of Visual Telecommunication Platforms
                                                       The presentation
Concluding discussion

List of poster presentations (15:40 – 16:40 on Friday, 10:35 – 11:35 on Saturday):

BALOGH, Andrea – SZÁNTÓ, Zsolt: The Change of the Appearance of Pictures and Texts on Online Interfaces
FORGÁCS, Gábor: Visual Rhetoric Used in the Visual Representation of Natural Language Arguments
GOLINOWSKA, Karolina: The Art of the Politics of Memory:
          Visual Learning – Visual Resisting

HORVÁTH CZ., János: Perspectives on Microcontent
HRACHOVEC, Herbert: Podcast Philosophy
ILLÉS, Zsófia: Analogy and Persuasion in WWF Campaigns
KULCSÁR, Nárcisz: Experience Bridges: Mathematics and Visuality
LAVICZA, Zsolt – KOREN, Balázs – JUHOS, István – FENYVESI, Kristóf: Developing Interactive and Visual Teaching and Learning Resources
          for K-12 STEM Education in Hungary

MOKTEFI, Amirouche – ISSAJEVA, Jelena – PIETARINEN, Ahti-Veikko: How Do Spaces Represent Classes?           The poster
PU©KAREVIĆ, Irma – NEDELJKOVIĆ, Uroą: The Semiotics of Images: Photographic Conventions in Advertising            The poster
PUTZ, Orsolya: What Images Tell about the Conceptualization of Trianon